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Tips for driving in the rain

Posted by Michael Simon on

Here are some tips for driving in the rain and flood, cause we all know the streets in Manila don't have the best drainage capabilities.

Driving in conditions that involve strong or heavy wind and rain may not seem like the most pressing safety concern for many drivers, but driving in severe weather conditions can significantly increase your risk and potential for a dangerous situation for you, your family and other drivers.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when driving through severe weather conditions.

1. Take your time. Yes, we’re using to driving through traffic that moves at a snails pace but in case you’ll be heading out of the metro remember to slow down during severe weather condition.

2. Beware of hydroplaning. That’s the technical term for what occurs when your tires are getting more traction on the layer of water on the road than on the road itself—the result is that your car begins to slide uncontrollably. It's easy enough to hydroplane: All you need is one-twelfth of an inch of standing water on the road and a speed of more than 56kph. If you start to hydroplane, let off the accelerator slowly and steer straight until you regain control. Slow down and take your time.

3. TURN ON your headlights and NOT your hazards. Turning on your headlights will help other see you and having your hazards on will make others think you’ve stopped or stalled.

4. Give some space. Keep a greater distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. Stopping your vehicle will be more difficult when driving in the rain. Maintain a distance of several car lengths between your car and other vehicle.

5. If you break down don't prop the hood open while you wait for help. Rain-soaked electrics can make it harder to start the engine.

6. Make sure your wipers are in good condition, if not replace them. Having old dirty, worn down wipers can cause accidents because lets face it, if you can see because your wipers cannot clear your windshield properly, how will you be able to see whats on the road.

Now, incase you run into flood waters on the road keep these tips in mind.

1. Do your best to estimate the depth of the water.

2. Drive slow and steady through the water.

3. If you have driven through water that is up to the wheels/rims test your brakes as soon as you can on a clear patch of road a low speeds. If they are wet and not stopping the vehicle as they should, dry them by pressing gently on the brake pedal with your left foot while maintaining low speed with your right foot.

4. When in doubt, don’t drive through it.

Stay safe everyone.

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