Bullsone Bullsoneshot Total Fuel System Cleaner for Motorbike 100 ml/3.38Oz.

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Perfectly cleans harmful carbon deposits in the injector, intake valves, and combustion chamber
Injector: Removes carbon residues, maintaining proper fuel atomization and complete fuel combustion
Air Intake Valve: Restores smooth and elaborate air intake
Combustion Chamber: Improves combustion performance
100ml of Bullsoneshot for Motorbike available for 6L of fuel tank

How to Use
1. Pour the product into the fuel tank through the fuel inlet.
2. Bullsoneshot will flow to the engine to clean harmful carbon deposits, resulting in the emission of carbon dust and restoration of maximum power and fuel efficiency.
3. It is recommended to use Bullsoneshot Motorbike every 1,000km (Continuous use of Bullsoneshot maintains the engine of a new car in optimal condition over a long period).

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