Silver Shield Hand Sanitizer 150ml

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Silver Shield Hand Sanitizer

Advanced Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide - Anti Bacterial, Anti Viral and Anti Odor.

Silver is a natural bacteriostatic  material which mechanically destroys bacteria, virus and microbes improving overall hygiene and removing the causes for odor

How it works:

  1. Silver ions (Ag) bind to the cell wall of the bacteria / virus blocking transport of substances in and out of the cell.
  2. In the cell of the bacteria / virus, silver ions interact with the DNA and inhibit cell division to stop replication.
  3. Silver Ions are transported into the cell of the bacteria / virus where they block the respiratory system to destroy the energy production.


  • Ready to use hand sanitizer
  • Highly effective hand disinfectant
  • No post application rinsing required
  • Forms no harmful by-products
  • Safe and easy to apply with quality sprayer mechanism
  • Alcohol and Chlorine Free
  • Odor, color, and taste free
  • 2 years shelf-life

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