CARMATE Steam Deo (Big)

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CARMATE Steam Deo (Big)

Easy to use and safe.

Invisible micro deodorizing steam is far reaching throughout the air-conditioning system. Thorough deodorization and sterilization. Stabilized chlorine dioxide is used for safety and efficacy. Highly sanitized, stable chlorine dioxide used in hospitals and restaurants.

How To Use

  • Start the car engine and turn on the air-corn to maximum
  • Tear off red area cardboard and push the red button
  • Put under the air-corn filter that on the legroom
  • Close all the doors and wait 10 mins
  • After 10 mins it will turn to hot (be careful) and you can see a black dot on the tin (Means Used)
  • Last Step, open the doors for 3 mins. (refresh)

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