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Made of carbon fibre by autoclave molding*, head protection,
non-slip shoulder support, belt hole for 3-inch full harness,
lumbar support (pad insertion type), deep side support,
seat divided into two cushions, non-slip seat cushion.

NET WEIGHT 4.0 kg 
(seat only, except other parts)

The PRO RACER SP-A HANS is a premium motor sports shell seat for exclusive racing use. It is chosen by renowned racing teams and top professional drivers for circuits and rallies due to its head rest that corresponds to the HANS system. It holds the helmet during cornering and protects the driver’s head in case of an accident. The PRO RACER SP-A HANS  delivers high performance, hardness and strength demanded in the world of motor because this seat has been born out of RECARO's seat manufacturing technology and know-how in order to hold  the driver in place through strong G-force generated during intense acceleration, sudden deceleration or cornering. This light weight shell (4 kg net) has been made of carbon fibre by autoclave molding*. 

* Autoclave molding: Method for molding carbon which has been adopted from manufacturing F1 vehicles, satellite parts, aircrafts and other products that need high & stable quality, accuracy and are featured through high-specific strength, stiffness, high heat resistance and light weight.

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