RECARO SP-X Avant CL210 (leather/Alcantara)

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RECARO SP-X Avant CL210 (leather/Alcantara)

  1. Made of carbon fiber, electric recliner.
  2. Silver belt holes for a safety harness.
  3. Shoulder support, long & deep seat cushion.

A premium sports seat for extremely high performance.

The RECARO SP-X Avant is a premium sports seat made of carbon fiber in combination with selected luxurious cover materials that deliver high sports, holding & safety performance, and offers an optimal riding comfort.

One of its biggest characteristic is that its seat structure differs from that of other seats and so adds the comfort of a reclining seat to the sports performance of a motorsports shell made of carbon fiber.

 It supports the human body and always maintains the right sitting poster even during long-distance driving. The use of punching leather (SP-X Avant LL210) and punching Alcantara (SP-X Avant CL210) in the center part increases breathability and driving comfort.


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