Soft99 Extreme Gloss Silver Hard Wax 200g

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Soft99 Extreme Gloss White Soft Paste Wax 200g

The Kiwami’ White Soft is a carefully blended paste, based on high-grade mineral wax and reinforced with our latest synthetic polymers. This blend is designed especially to bring a dazzlingly bright shine to the paintwork of your white or light-colored vehicle for up to 3 months. This is the ultimate wax for gloss. This is ‘The Kiwami’.

Direction :
Make sure that your car color is compatible with product.
Wash off any sand, dust, dirt or any remaining water drops in advance.
Take a moderate amount of the wax and spread it evenly onto car's body using the included sponge.
After the surface gets dry (5-10 minutes in 20℃), wipe off with a soft clean towel
We recommend you do this process panel by panel (e.g. hood, door, roof, etc.) especially in the summer.
Drying time may be longer in cold temperature

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