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ACDelco Brake Pad Hyundai Sonata 2015 - up | Front

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ACDelco Brake Pad Hyundai Sonata 2015 - Up Front

OE#: 58101-C1A00

ACDelco Disc Brake Pads are an ideal choice when it comes to quiet, confident braking.

ACDelco Disc Brake Pads provide drivers with confident braking over a wide range of operating temperatures and conditions. The ACDelco Disc Brake Pad range covers a wide range of vehicle applications and offers a long-wearing, low dust formulation with excellent stopping performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Every ACDelco Disc Brake Pad has been formulated to the vehicle’s requirements to ensure a safe and consistent stopping ability.
  • ACDelco Disc Brake Pads provide optimum noise suppression and performance using unique formulations and combined with shims, slots, and chamfers where needed.
  • Each disc brake pad backing plate is protected by a premium powder-coated finish, ensuring professional protection and appearance.
  • The ACDelco Brake Pad compounds are selected to suit specific vehicle applications and the materials utilized are 100% asbestos-free.
  • ACDelco Disc Brake Pads friction levels are very stable across a broad range of operating temperatures.
  • All ACDelco Brake Pads are designed to provide you optimum performance, durability and to create low levels of dust.

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