Yokohama Advan dB V552 225/45 R17

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Yokohama Advan dB V552 225/45 R17

Creates breathtaking silence and brings you a sense of tension beyond comfort.

The tire is more silent than ever. Sophisticated Pattern design with precision.

Twist edge chamfering Control 
The block rigidity by chamfering the edge part of the block into a twisted shape. And even when it is attached to the driver’s seat side, even when it is attached to the passenger’s seat side, it is effective for suppressing uneven wear.


Precise groove arrangement 

The grooves which look like one connection are actually shifted in milliGauges. By shifting the timing of grounding, the generated noise is dispersed. It prevents you from concentrating on a specific frequency band and reduces harsh noise.

Single edge chamfering 

By partially applying precise chamfering, we control the occurrence of uneven wear and suppress deterioration of quietness.

Staggered arrangement of grooves and sipes 

Optimize the rigidity of the block by placing non-penetrating grooves and sipes at precise intervals from the left and right. It improves steering stability and improves silent performance.

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