YOKOHAMA ADVAN Neova 265/30 R19

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[MS compound 2R] a new compound that improves grip
Adding more carbon to the conventional MS Compound 2 improves dry grip. A touch of silica enhances wet grip. Further, Orange Oil, which is used in Tires competing at the highest levels of motorsports,delivers even greater road-gripping capability. Finally, the addition of a macromolecule polymer blend to the compound provides greater stiffness and improved durability.

Maintains the pattern inspired by racing technology
- Sequential Round Grooves
Sequential Round Grooves are adopted. In order to improve tire life, forces from the road surface are spread and dissipated. the positioning of the grooves is effective in draining water on wet surfaces.

- Unibloc Shoulders
Using circumferentially continuous single shoulder blocks without any gaps, rigidity at the tread is increased, ensuring a powerful grip and further shortening lap times'.

- Grooves-in-Grooves
Micro grooves on the main groove walls ease the stress on each block edge, reducing uneven wear of the tire, and increasing stability when driving under harsh conditions.



265/30 R19 89W

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