YOKOHAMA ADVAN Sports V103 275/45 R20

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High Grip Compound Created Through Joint Development with Supercar Manufactures
The compound developed for the ADVAN Sport was tested many times under hypervelocity conditions, and is the ultimate model by YOKOHAMA. This high-grip rubber ensures both flexibility and strength.

"Innovation" is Our Tradition
ADVAN's assymetric pattern, which is its tradition, is proof of its place in the history of the sports tire.You can actually feel its outstanding driveability.

Specifically Designed for High-Speed Driving, The ADVAN Sport Ensures Stability in High-Powered Sports Cars
Using the latest technologies, the ADVAN Sport,designed for speed, accomplishes a high resistance and accurately simulates the loading
stress on your Tires during driving.


ADVAN Sports V103

275/45 R20 110Y

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