YOKOHAMA ADVAN Sports V105 295/35 ZR19

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Handles Precisely as Intended
The ADVAN Sport V105 offers advanced steering stability by delivering power to the road’s surface. Users can truly feel the stable handling and response when changing lanes at very high speeds.

Driving Stability at Very High Speed
By controlling tyre deformation and ensuring uniform ground contact pressure, the ADVAN Sport V105 boasts enhanced driving stability at
very high speeds.

Strong Grip Performance in the Dry and Wet
The outstanding grip performance of the ADVAN Sport V105 enables stable driving either in the dry or the wet, on straights and and when cornering.

A Quiet and Comfortable Ride
The ADVAN Sport V105 offers a level of quietness and comfort befitting high-performance cars thanks to YOKOHAMA’s noise reduction technology and optimization of tyre rigidity.


ADVAN Sports V105

295/35 ZR19 100Y

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