APEXI DECS Tacho Meter Universal

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APEXI 403-A974 - EL II System Meters 120mm DECS Tachometer, 11000 RPM

Universal EL II System Meters DECS Tachometer (403-A974) by APEXi®. Diameter: 120mm. Tachometer Range: 11000 RPM. The new A'PEXi DECS Tachometer combines the classic RPM, warning, and memory playback functions with the real-time temperature and pressure display of an EL II Meter.

This completely redesigned unit uses the original Electro-Luminescence technology by APEXi. Looking to combine as many aspects of engine monitoring into one unit as possible, this new tach is designed to employ the new Dynamic Electronic Control System (DECS) technology. The DECS system integrates an optional pressure or temperature sensor to display real-time values in a digital readout.

  • 120mm analog display for easy to read shifting points
  • Digital display built into the gauge face
  • Accurate RPM reading
  • Progressive number design for better high RPM viewing


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