ARB Air Locker

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  • RD111 Front (Fj, Hilux, Fortuner)
  • RD132 Front (LC 80) / (Fortuner, Hilux, Ln 166)
  • RD153 Rear (LC 80 1969-76)
  • RD121 Front (LC 90/120/150, Fortuner, Hilux, Fj)
  • RD193 Rear (Fj Cruiser)
  • RD142 Rear (LC 80)
  • RD135 Rear (Patrol Gu 1997 on)
  • RD136 Front (Patrol Gu 1997 on)
  • RD154 Rear (Triton)
  • RD155 Rear (Montero)
  • RD206 Front (Jimny)
  • RD208 Rear (Jimny)
  • RD219 Front (Ranger)
  • RD220 Rear (Ranger)
  • RD229 Rear (N P 300)
  • RD90 Front (LN 166)
  • RD117 Rear (Isuzu Fuego)

The patented design of ARB Air Lockers™ has proved extremely reliable, even under the most arduous conditions. The Air Locker™ strength comes from structural components manufactured from aerospace-grade high alloy steels. Where possible, ARB engineers increase the number of differential pinion gears to distribute torque loads evenly, improving the overall strength of the differential. ARB Air Locker™ designs feature Timed Gear Technology gear sets to ensure ideal meshing of the gear teeth and to improve the overall locker strength.

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