AUSTONE SP-6 175/65 R14 82H

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Description of the Austone SP6

The summer passenger tire Austone SP6 has been specially developed for modern small and medium-sized cars equipped with powerful engines. This model is advantageously distinguished by a combination of a high level of safety when driving at any speed with very attractive value and a long service life.

Innovative design of the central longitudinal rib

A significant part of the numerous advantages of the model of the Austone SP6 is provided by a number of design features of a symmetrical non-directional tread pattern. First of all, this is the central longitudinal edge, distinguished by its massive dimensions and the presence on its surface of a large number of diagonal slats. Such a design provided this protector element with considerable resistance to dynamic deformation. Thanks to this, the tire demonstrates very precise and fast reactions to the driver's actions. At the same time, diagonal slats ensure the removal of water from the contact patch, directing it into the longitudinal drainage grooves, which in turn leads to an increase in the coupling properties when driving on a wet road.

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