BILLION Radiator Cap

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Type: Type A
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BILLION Radiator Cap

The Billion radiator cap enables a pressure rise to 127Kpa or 134°C degrees.

The Billion radiator cap makes it possible to raise the pressure to 127Kpa, which can increase the boiling point over the standard radiator cap, in some cases, over 10°C degrees to 134°C degrees.

Raise the boiling point of your coolant for increased cooling efficiency and prevention of over heating with a high pressure radiator cap.

By changing the stock radiator cap with a higher pressure one, the internal pressure of the radiator is increased resulting in a higher boiling point. When coolant bEngine Oil, small air pockets are created. As the coolant passes through the block and radiator core, the air pockets reduce the cooling efficiency and will eventually cause the engine to overheat.

Please make sure to check the shape of the radiator cap on your car before purchasing a radiator cap.

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