Blaupunkt Air Purifier and Filter Air Pure AP 1.1 & APF1.0

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Air Purifier AIRPURE AP 1.1

Blaupunkt Air Purifier AirPure AP 1.1 unleashes clean air into the atmosphere within the applicable area ranging from 3 – 11 m² (clean air in 10 – 25 min). Designed with 3-layer filtration system, the AirPure is able to clean up to 99% being able to remove several hazardous particles present in the air. With simple touch control and the convenience to plug and play at any confined space, its usage to obtain clean air is limitless. The presence of AirPure will not be noticed thanks to the low level administered by the device. AirPure offer clean air to those with allergic, asthma and even younger kids. During haze season, this device is an essential in the car.

Blue indicator

  • Good Air quality
  • PM 2.5 Value: 0 to 50 μg/m³
  • Begin operating at auto-detection status with low fan speed

Green indicator

  • Average Air quality
  • PM 2.5 Value: 51 to 99 μg/m³
  • Switch fan to high speed automatically

Red indicator

  • Bad Air quality
  • PM 2.5 Value: 100 to 999 μg&m³
  • Maintain at high fan speed

Easy installation

There is no complicated operation needed to use this device. AirPure AP 1.1 can be connected just through Plug & Play. In the car, the device can be simply placed in the vehicle’s cup holder, connect the USB cable and that’s about it. With the soft touch control, the AirPure can be easily be turned on for clean air filtration.

Filter replacement
Red indicator
Reminde user to check the filter condition when it reaches 300 hours of working time.

Indicator Display: PM 2.5 Level, Filter replacement reminder, Auto/Manual fan speed
Pre-packed with Blaupunkt AirPure Filter (APF1)
Noise level: <35 dB
Fan type: Double inlet DC turbo fan
HEPA filter grade: H11
Ultraviolet wavelength: 253.7 mm
Applicable for space: 3 – 5 m²

Input voltage: 5 V
Current: 1 A
Power: < 5 W
Dimensions: 71 x 195 mm
Net weight: 425 g
Accessories: USB power cable

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