YOKOHAMA BluEarth ES32 175/65 R14

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Enhanced wet and dry grip
The “nano BLEND compound” creates the best balance of fuel-saving performance, grip and wear resistance. The compound includes Orange Oil, which increases the contact surface, and an agent to maintain fl exibility.

Reliable driving through enhanced stability
Simple, functional and powerful new tread design. Wet grip, durability, wear resistance and signifi cantly reduced noise. It off ers excellent results from all aspects.

Long tread life and improve durability
High durability means more economical driving. The new profi le creates a bold impression. The square, wide contact surface and even contact pressure ensure better resistance to wear. It also helps minimise uneven wear. 

Enhanced fuel-saving performance
The “nano BLEND compound” achieves the contradictory goals of increasing grip and off ering excellent fuel-saving performance.



175/65 R14 82T

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