Chemical Guys Streak Free Window Clean Glass Cleaner 16oz.

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Streak Free is the gentle, tint safe glass cleaner that removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, grease, oil, and grime with no left over residue, no streaking, and no fuss.

Use Streak Free For:

  • Cleans glass for optimal optical clarity
  • Easily removes dirt, grime, contamination, and more
  • Cleans without streaks, spots, & stains
  • Ammonia free formula cleans all tints safely
  • Won’t stain, bubble, or degrade OEM or aftermarket tints
  • Helps reduce static cling to keep windows cleaner longer
  • Works on glass, mirrors, screens, lenses, & more
  • Professional grade results anyone can achieve
  • Perfect for auto, home, and office

    Experience A Truly Clean Experience

    Streak Free leaves no streaks, spots, or stains and truly makes your glass disappear. The advanced formula even contains static inhibiting agents that help resist dust that is attracted to the surface due to the charge generated by rubbing surface with a towel. Streak Free helps that dissipate the charge so once clean, your glass stays that way for as long possible!

    Gentle Formula Safe For Tints

    Streak Free is the gentle ammonia free formula safe for any window tint film. Other cheaper glass cleaners work by using harsh and toxic chemicals that stain, bubble, and degrade your tint. Every bottle of Streak Free is mixed without volatile chemicals, harsh cleaners, or caustic ingredients, ensuring your expensive tint gets the most delicate yet thorough cleansing experience possible.

    How To Use:

    1. Use two towels whenever cleaning windows or glass parts.
    2. Mist a light coating of glass cleaner over the part.
    3. Wipe up any dirt, grime, and debris with the first cleaning towel.
    4. Buff away any streaks with the second towel to restore a crystal clear shine.
    5. Mist window cleaner into the towel whenever cleaning the inside of windows or sensitive components.
    6. Buff with premium microfiber towel.

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