CTEK Professional Chargers MXS 25EC

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Voltage: 14.4/15.8/13.6V
Charging Current (Max.): 25A
Charging Type: 8 step, fully automatic charging cycle
Battery Type: 12V Lead-Acid
Battery Capacity: 40-500Ah
Insulation: IP44 (outdoor use)
Features: Temperature Sensor. Supply mode.
                6 metre heavy duty cables and wall hanger

Designed for professional use, the MXS 25EC includes a wide range of battery charging and maintenance features, including an automatic diagnostic function that tests whether a battery is able to take and hold a charge, a RECOND function that can bring an old or marginal battery back into serviceable life and a supply function that allows it to be used as a clean power supply to support the battery and electrical system during diagnostics, reprogramming and battery and system service maintenance activities. With a built in temperature sensor, the MXS 25EC is able to compensate for special conditions and provide optimum charging whatever the weather. 

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