Divoom Timebox

Sale price₱ 3,050.00



Black / White / Pink / Ivory / Red

It is a Bluetooth speaker, a speakerphone, a LED digital palette,
thermoGauge and an alarm clock. Comes with an app for iOS
and Android to control color effects of the digital palette

Over 30 built-in sleep aiding programs and smart alarms, enchanted with both soft lighting and sound.
Worldwide FM Tuner lets you enjoy the entertainment and news broadcast from the local radio station.
A 3” 5-watts DSP-Equipped speaker with passive radiator, precision tuned by the Divoom Sound Engineers.
121 programmable LED with over 256 available colors, demonstrate your pixel art creativity on the most vivid canvas by Divoom.
Advanced mobile app, built-in thermoGauge, social notification system and more; the TimeBox is the most advance smart clock by Divoom.

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