DTE Pedal Box without Bluetooth for Hyundai

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PedalBox: The original from DTE Systems

Faster start-up, better acceleration and confident overtaking

  • Electronic throttle controller with smartphone control
  • Drive faster and more sporty
  • More than 20 different settings available
  • 5 years product warranty available
  • Customization of each individual program preset via app
  • Automatic software updates via app
  • Combined use with the PowerControl app
  • Compatible with drive by wire pedal throttle. 
  • Easy to install (Plug and Play)
  • Better Acceleration

With just one click to your PedalBox. Choose your vehicle and enjoy the driving fun.

PedalBox: Better acceleration and more driving fun

The throttle tuning optimizes the reaction time of modern vehicles with an electronic accelerator pedal. With the PedalBox, the vehicle reacts much faster to incoming signals from the accelerator pedal. With an improved throttle response, the driver can speed up and overtake more easily. No more delays in acceleration.

    How does the PedalBox work?

    These days, most vehicles are "Drive-by-Wire" (called ECT or ECM), and not cable driven like the old days (called the Bowden cable).

    The modern systems typically suffer from excessive signal delay, which is where the PedalBox steps in and is able to unlock the vehicle's full potential.

    There are 3 settings you can choose from the Pedal Box:

    • City
    • Sport
    • Sport+

    * Each program can be increased individually through up to 3 levels (LEDs light up red) and reduced by 3 levels (LED's light up green).

    Experience the PedalBox yourself: The PedalBox from DTE ensures acceleration free of any delay for all modern vehicles. Quickly installed, the driving fun can start immediately.

    DTE pedal tuning: Quickly installed and ready to start

    The PedalBox is installed in just a few steps: The two original throttle response controller PedalBox plugs are connected to the accelerator pedal electronic in the vehicle. After installation, the PedalBox is immediately ready for use. Thanks to the supplied mount, the PedalBox is always placed within the reach of the driver. With the enclosed adhesive pads, the PedalBox can be easily fixed and, e.g. when changing the vehicle, removed without residue.

    Here's a video of DTE Pedalbox installation.

    *** SEND US A MESSAGE using the chat app of the website to inquire if this is available for your vehicle. ***

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