ENDLESS Brakes Mitsubishi Lancer CT9A / Subaru Impreza GDB Rr - EP291-CCA

Sale price₱ 8,500.00


Endless Brakess - Type CC-A (Rear)
Part#: EP291-CCA

The Endless CC-A compound is a ceramic carbon Brakes that provides superb pedal feel. Designed to exhibit none of the negative characteristics that ceramic carbon compounds are known to have, such as low friction at lower temperatures, the CC-A compound has excellent cold bite while producing minimal amounts of dust and noise. The Endless CC-A pads do all this while still being friendly to rotors, perfect for a high performance street pad.

Recommended Users:
•Those wanting high levels of feedback
•Those with high-powered, heavy weight vehicles

Recommended Driving Field: Street
Recommended Tire Type Usage: Radial Tire
Compound Type: Ceramic Carbon Metal

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