HKS Legamax Muffler Subaru Legacy BP

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HKS Legamax Muffler Subaru Legacy BP

Part#: 31021-AF001

Increase your vehicle's performance and tone by upgrading to a high-performance muffler. Improving your vehicle's exhaust flow will rid your engine of backpressure, which will increase power and performance. High-performance mufflers will not only increase power but will also provide a high-performance aggressive sound to your vehicle.

HKS has long stood at the forefront of performance products. Their high-quality performance products are made in Japan and are a favorite among custom tuners. HKS has improved upon its flagship design of the Legamax Series with the Legamax Premium.

The Legamax Premium comes with the trusted Legamax muffler and vehicle-specific tip design. The fully custom tip design provides a flush appearance that is distinct for each vehicle model.

Made with premium SUS304 stainless steel, each muffler provides a high shine that does not fade or rust. The vehicle specific tip design creates a high-performance look while maintaining a flush factory OEM fitment.

HKS is a trusted name among performance enthusiasts and has solidified its position at the top of performance products.

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