HKS Piping Kit Mitsubishi EVO 7

Sale price₱ 39,500.00


HKS Intercooler Piping Kit for Mitsubishi Evo7

Part #: 1302-SM005

Stock resin pipe may expand or burst at high boost. Besides, stock pipe has a lot of bent portions and radius is small that will be resistance. HKS PIPING KIT uses aluminum pipe for durability and safety. Less number of bent portions and larger radius decrease resistance.

The HKS Inter-cooler Piping Kits provide an exacting fit for normal inter-cooler applications. These durable aluminum pipes can obtain that little extra horsepower when you are after upgraded performance.

Normal piping can distort or crack under increased boost pressure and the layout usually uses small radius bends. HKS overcomes these problems by redesigning the layout for the straightest path with fewest bends and larger radius for decreased pressure loss and increased response.

High pressure hoses are also supplied to keep pressure expansion to the utmost minimum.

Different finishes are available, polished anodized or buffed. Some models like the Impreza use non polished piping as the piping is not visible under the inter-cooler.

Easy installation is possible due to the similar layout to standard piping.
This also allows for wide tuning options as the standard layout is maintained.

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