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Within a short time (approx. 10 min.) removes the unpleasant odors
that are caused by bacteria and mold in air conditioning systems,
ventilation ducts or vehicle interiors.

Easy to use - no need to
disassembly the pollen or dust filter. Leaves a pleasant, fresh aroma behind.

Content 150 ml

For cleaning vehicle air conditioning systems and vehicle interiors.


Before applying the product the surface of the evaporator should be dried by using the vehicle heating system. For this, the engine must be started.

Afterward the air conditioning system must be switched off. Set the temperature switch to the max. (warm) and the heating and ventilation system to the legroom position.

Let the system operate for 10 min. at max. fan power and in recirculation mode. Shake the can well before use.

Adjust air distributor switch to fresh air nozzle middle (passengers) and top (front window) Position it in the intake area of the air recirculation system (mostly front passenger legroom) by means of the covering box.

Then, activate the spray head until it snaps into place. During spraying and exposure time (approx. 10 min.) the windows and doors of the vehicle must be kept closed.

After cleaning, the evaporator surface must be dried again for approx. 10 min. and at the same heating and ventilation settings.

Finally, shut off the engine and vent the passenger compartment of the vehicle for approx. 10 min. by opening the doors.


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