Liqui Moly Hand Cleaning Paste

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Liqui Moly Hand Cleaning Paste


  • Liqui Moly Hand-Wash Paste is economical to use,
  • cleans down to the pores, and leaves a pleasant feel to the skin.
  • Thoroughly rub the paste into dry or damp hands until the dirt has
  • been released from the skin. Next, add a little water and wash thoroughly.
  • Thoroughly rinse the hands with plenty of water and dry them as usual.

For thorough and gentle hand cleansing. Even removes stubborn soiling such as paint, oil, and brake dust. Gentle on the skin and sparing in consumption. Dermatologically tested. Thoroughly rub into dry hands and rinse off. Best cleaning effect in connection with LIQUI MOLY Hand Care Cream (part no. 3358) and LIQUI MOLY Invisible Glove (part no. 3334).

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