Ma-Fra Body Polishing Treatment Shampoo Power 1 Liter

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Shampoo Power - HO779

Concentrated car shampoo

Concentrated self-degreasing shampoo with a high level of foaming.
It does not leave residues and halos after the rinsing phase.
Quick and easy to use.

Unbeatable against dirt. Easy Rinsing. Also ideal for wrapped and matt cars. Strawberry Scented. Concentrated – Streak-Free – Phosphate-Free. A super-concentrated degreasing shampoo: a bottle lasts 30 washes. The main active principles in the formula give a high level of foam. Easy rinsing: with considerable savings on water. Leaves no residue or streaks when rinsing. Safe on aluminum profiles, enamelled rims, matt and satin paints, Wrap films.

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