MA-FRA Daytona Shampoo and Wax

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A product able to incite a revolution:  from the MA-FRA laboratories comes a SHAMPOO which, thanks to its extraordinary effectiveness, is shaking up the market.

MA-FRA DAYTONA is basically a SHAMPOO capable of thoroughly removing dirt and, at the same time and the first to it so effectively, to polish the bodywork thanks to the presence of fine WAXES, shining and protecting the bodywork in just one step.

But the advantages obviously don't end here .

The powerful and effective cleaning action of MA-FRA DAYTONA cuts the wash time in half.

With DAYTONA, there is no more need to scrub and the layers of dirt slide away, dissolving almost instantly.

Then the formula's natural holding WAXES do the rest, creating an extraordinary  “silk” effect on all the bodywork.

Highly concentrated (one pack suffices for 25 washes), equipped with excellent foaming properties, DAYTONA is based on completely biodegradable natural surface acting agents, capable of respecting and maintaining the vitality of the original colours over time.

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