MA-FRA Flash Fabric Cleaner Aerosol with Brush

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FLASH comes from the daily need to clean a car's interior, in a simple yet effective way. MA-FRA has created this product for customers who are looking for the best performance in the shortest possible time and with the least effort. Its new, innovative formula, rich in carefully selected active ingredients rapidly removes the most stubborn dirt from any type of fabric, leather, velvet or Alcantara material including seat covers, floor mats and finishings.

This new, advanced formula guarantees the "Odor Stop" effect. Bad odours from animals, food and tobacco are neutralised, not simply covered. FLASH comes with a brush, with its own holder, to help you get more from the product.

Both accessories have been designed and made by MA-FRA exclusively for use with the new FLASH. The accessories are made from two different compounds: the brush is safe and delicate on materials whilst the brush holder is flexible, practical and easy to use. 

The brush is noted for its length: a decisive factor when using the product. Another decisive innovation in FLASH is the new nozzle: even more precise and direct and designed to optimise use.

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