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IDROSTOP is a regenerating and waterproofing spray product for tissues.

Its formulation, thanks to the Nano-Tech Protection technologies, protects tissues from resin, accidental dirties, rain, UV rays, oil and creams.
IDROSTOP waterproofs and restores sun awnings, canopies, sail covers and every type of outdoor fabric in the nautical and automotive sector, particularly stressed by pollution and salt mist.
Thanks to its exclusive formulation, IDROSTOP protects from external environmental dirt, therefore facilitating washing and storage.
The product also fosters fibre transpiration, while preventing the formation of electrostatic charges.
Suitable both for natural and synthetic fibres, IDROSTOP prevents mould formation and does not alter fabric colours.
A professional products for boat wash by Mafra: international supplier for boat cleaners and degreasers.


* Nanotechnology formula regenerating and waterproofing
* Protects organic surfaces from resin, dirt, rain, UV
rays, oil, creams and other liquids, pollution and salt mists.
* Waterproofs and restores sun awnings, canopies, sail
covers, and every other type of fabric used in nautical and
automotive sectors - suitable for both natural and synthetic fibres
* Waterproofs surfaces while also facilitating fibre
transpiration and preventing electrostatic charges
* Prevents mould formation and does not alter fabric colors

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