MA-FRA Marley Glove

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When you’ve used the MARLEY Glove, it SHOWS!
MA-FRA presents the ultimate solution for washing any surface by hand!
There’s a new glove on the market, a glove capable of changing the face of washing Cars, Motorbikes and
Boats by hand, and it could only have been created by Ma-Fra.
Equipped with a double structure, its exterior is made from microfiber to eliminate dust and remove the
toughest dirt, while the interior is produced from a breathable and water repellent material to ensure
an absolutely perfect wash. Thanks to the Extra-Large size, once worn, it is completely comfortable and
capable of covering a vaster surface area than its competitor products.
The extraordinary technology of its fibres, in conjunction with its “super size”, makes it a product able to
wash any surface in half the time.
Its incredibly soft and gentle microfibers don't scratch surfaces or leave that annoying fluff, which is so
difficult to "pin down" and remove
For a Top Class Wash
Use the microfiber glove in place of a normal sponge. Dampen the fabric before use.
To completely remove dust
Wipe the very dry glove around the car interior. The fringes of the cloth will guarantee that dust is captured
and eliminated from all surfaces.

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