MA-FRA Panno Extra Dry

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EXTRA DRY is not the favorite cocktail of the very cool agent of Her Britannic Majesty's Secret Service, but the name of the brand new synthetic suede cloth high absorption capacity Ma-Fra weblog.

Designed to help the motorists, motorcyclists grappling with the problem of a perfect drying, Extra Dry solves the problem better than any product on the market today and does so by eliminating any residual water by any means without leaving streaks. 

EXTRA DRY is a cloth with a high absorption capacity and high wear resistance. Even after many washes, and many drying, the EXTRA cloth will continue to dry quickly and absolutely flawless. And indeed, it will be the time to enhance its extraordinary qualities against several competitors. 

To get a more perfect results must, prior to use, wash EXTRA DRY with soap and water, do not subject it to strong boiling water jets and after use, wring it out and put it to dry.

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