MA-FRA Polish Champion Total

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POLISH CHAMPION TOTAL born with all the experience in MA-FRA and, perhaps more than other products, it is really dedicated to the user who loves the Do-it-yourself. 

POLISH CHAMPION TOTAL is the polish par excellence, a high quality product that cleans and polishes in one pass. 

Ideal for all types of paint (including metallic), POLISH CHAMPION TOTAL has an enhancing effect on the paint and on the colors and removed without any difficulty any residue likely to give opacity to solid. 

POLISH CHAMPION TOTAL can also be applied to machine but is, of course, extremely simple to apply also to the hand as it is easy spreadability. 

POLISH CHAMPION TOTAL polishes and protects in time the surfaces where it has been used and is particularly suitable for the removal of residues of paraffin wax from new cars.

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