MA-FRA Polish Step 1 Corrector 1Kg. - Ultra Cut Compound

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Step 1 for car polish: polish cut compound. A professional Mafra car polish product.

Is a new car preparation method for the subsequent polishing phase.

Its Diminutive Short Abrasive Technology (D.A.T. Short) formula, guarantees micro-scratches and marks from sanding P1200 are quickly eliminated from scratch-proof transparent coatings or very marked paint.

The product offers superior abrasive performance compared to the classic, “all-in-one” polishes, while at the same time leaving a semi-polished finish, cutting and cleaning in-depth, without covering scratches or very obvious streaks.

CUT POLISH works best with hard sponge pads (white) and was also designed for use also with random orbital sanders and microfibre pads.

This is one of the best car polish product from Mafra, an international car wash and car detailing international supplier.

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