MA-FRA Poulitore Cerchi & Gomme Rim and Tyre Cleaner

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0.5 Liter

Tires AND RIMS CLEANER is ideal for cleaning rims and Tires.

 It is a product that can clean the dust and dirt from the rims, restoring the original color of the Tires.

 Tires AND RIMS CLEANER is a detergent with high degreasing power designed to ensure maximum results on any model of car circle: whether alloy magnesium, steel, aluminum but also, of course, the plastic wheel covers.

 The product is outstanding in dissolving dirt, even the old and crusty, with no risk of corrosion or abrasion.

 A 2-in-1, able to clean and degrease both circles that the Tires with a few moves, ensuring all the Car Alarm / Sensors and tranquility that every car enthusiast needs.

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