MA-FRA Rimuovi Graff Special Kit with Polishing Pad (Scratch Remover)

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0.1 Liter and 1 application pad

Thanks to its concentrated, micro-particle based formulation, MA-FRA "Rimuovi Graffi" eliminates surface scratches and softens deeper scratches from all varnished car surfaces.

Its special polishing agents return to tone and lightness to the treated part.


1. Wash and dry the bodywork parts to treat beforehand.

2. Remove the cap and press the tube gently to push out until a small quantity of product.

3. Apply the polishing cream to the surfaces to treat using circular movements and moderate pressure.

4. Remove the product with the special microfiber pad provided.

5. Repeat the operation as required.

IMPORTANT: After each use, unscrew the special sponge applicator.

Rinse with soap and water and screw back into position.

Also, wash the polishing pad thoroughly with soap and water to remove any residual product.

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