MA-FRA Shampoo Attivo 0.75 Liter

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MA-FRA Shampoo Attivo 0.75 Liter Polish Effect Shampoo

Its remarkably effective double action makes it stand out from the more classic products. The new SHAMPOO ATTIVO is essentially a detergent-grease remover, able to thoroughly remove dirt particles, while simultaneously lending the bodywork an unexpected and impressive shine, thanks to its “Polish” effect.

But the advantages obviously don’t end here...  SHAMPOO ATTIVO has such a strong and effective action that you can clean your car in half the normal time.  Using SHAMPOO ATTIVO means that there is no need to scrub and that layer of smog and dirt embedded in the bodywork and the bumpers – the so called Traffic Film – melts away instantly.

Highly concentrated, SHAMPOO ATTIVO possess an excellent foaming power that dissolves at the end of the wash while its strong, fast dirt removal action respects the varnish and all the treated parts.

SHAMPOO ATTIVO is based on completely biodegradable natural surface acting agents and follows the greatest MA-FRA tradition, working in harmony with nature.

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