MA-FRA Split Multi Purpose Window Cleaner

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All the light you could want! SPLIT is a simple product that contains all of the passion for quality that defines MA-FRA.

Multi-use glass cleaner, SPLIT was created in perfect harmony with the environment It is practically completely biodegradable and its main ingredients are absolutely natural.

SPLIT is completely free of ammonia and takes its power from coconut, sweet corn and the natural surface acting agents.

SPLIT is simple and convenient to use.

Its natural formula makes it particularly suited to use in closed, poorly ventilated spaces as it is perfectly harmless in contrast to other products.

SPLIT dries quickly, without leaving halos, even when used in direct sunlight.

SPLIT works to effortlessly melt away signs of smoke, smog, all types of grease, residual wax from the car washes on all glass parts of the vehicle, immediately restoring the original shine to all treated surfaces.

In the car, office, shop, at home, SPLIT is a valuable friend to those in search of “light”.

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