MA-FRA Trattamento 3 in 1 Leather Treatment

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Car leather is a bit like our skin: it should be nourished, protected and hydrated regularly, to prevent early aging.

For this reason, the MA-FRA research laboratories have developed TRATTAMENTO 3 in 1 PELLE, an effective formula that cleans, nourishes and protects the leather surfaces, keeping its softness, colour and original appearance intact and preventing the formation of creases and cracks.

TRATTAMENTO 3 in 1 PELLE is a mix of detergents, Aloe Vera based Engine Oil and natural waxes, which guarantee deep, yet delicate, cleaning of the surfaces, preserving and reviving leather Car Seats / Racing Seats and detail in your car over time, while at the same time releasing a pleasant scent.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: spray the product evenly on a sponge and massage the part to treat, using circular movements, without leaving it to dry on the surface.

Then remove the suspended dirt using a micro-fibre cloth or damp, synthetic leather.


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