Michelin Primacy SUV 265/70 R16

Sale price₱ 8,200.00


MICHELIN Primacy SUV Tires complement your vehicle’s safety features to better 
protect your family.The most important safety feature on your SUV, bringing you 
confidence and a peaceful ride even in the most unpredictable driving conditions.
The MICHELIN Primacy SUV stops 2.2 metres shorter than its previous generation and 
up to 2.3 metres shorter when compared to leading competitors' Tires.Thanks to an 
optimised tread pattern design combined with grip-enhancing Flexmax 2.0 rubber 
compound, the Michelin Primacy SUV tire has 6% better road holding on bends 
compared to its previous generation and 10% better when compared against leading 


Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season

265/70 R 16 112H

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