Michelin XCD 2 205/70 R15

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Michelin X CD 2 is featured in the heavy-duty pickup truck. Reduce the anxiety of the use. Whether it is the damage caused by heavy Tires. Or a stabilizer when cornering by Michelin has developed a tire performance from Michelin X 2 CD  to coincide with the main purpose of its use. To ensure a far distance. Features of two-layer rubber structure with different rubber formula. It improves performance and durability. And extend the life. It also strengthens the tire. With 20% stronger tire wire compared to Michelin XCD  Tires. Which increases resistance to pulling. Prevents damage to the tire edge when in use. It also has more safety with new rubber sidewall structure for better control of the truck. With all these features, the MICHELIN XCD2  is ideal for heavy duty pickup trucks.


High Performance

205/70 R 15 106/104S

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