Microtex Clay Bar Pro (Yellow) 200g

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MTX® Professional Clay Bar is a professional grade decontaminating clay bar designed for extended reusability and durability. MTX® Professional Clay Bar removes most embedded above surface contaminants without scratching the paint when used with proper lubrication. MTX® Professional Clay Bar maintains its shape, tackiness, and consistency throughout its work life. Use MTX® Professional Clay Bar before waxing and sealing the car to complete your detail. • Ultra Durable & Soft • Glossy Smooth Surface • Smooths, Cleans & Revives • Removes bugs, bird droppings, brake dust, overspray and other above surface contaminants.

How to use:

1. Wash the vehicle thoroughly and then dry.
2. Take a small piece of clay bar, knead it into a ball and press flat on your palm.
3. Spray the area to decontaminate with MTX Nanosliq, then gently rub detailing clay bar across the surface in a smooth linear motion.
4. After the paint feels smooth, remove the residue with a soft microfiber cloth.
5. Proceed to the next section and repeat steps 2-5. Warning: Never Use Clay Bar once it's been dropped on the floor. This prevents picking up particles that can scratch your paint.

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