Microtex Precision Wool Pad

Size: 3 inches
Sale price₱ 349.75


Precision Wool Pad 3" and 6"



Maximize Your Compound Performance!

Adds Cut & Levels Severe Defects!

Finishes Better Than Normal Wool!


Microtex Precision Wool Pad is the latest revolution in paint correction that cuts your compound costs by up to 60%! This pad is designed with densely packed short nap wool fibers that create the perfect bed for compounds minimizing wastage and optimizing the abrasives. MTX Precision Wool Pad can be applied with different levels of pressure that provide a wide range of cut from light cutting to sanding removal. on top of that, it finishes to a high gloss with minimal marring and scratching often associated with with larger wool pads. The designed ridges along the pads ensures cooler operation to prevent paint buffing burns.

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