Microtex SupraSHINE 3800ml (Hi-Gloss Polishing Compound)

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Hi-Gloss Polishing Compound
SupraSHINE is the easiest, safest and fastest way to achieve a flawless show car finish.

It creates a perfectly clear laser sharp reflections most car enthusiasts covet.

It removes light scratches and swirls marks from the paint safely and easily due to its long working time.

SupraSHINE's advanced abrasives are so fine you can create a hologram-free show car shine all without dulling or hazing the finish. It contains no fillers, waxes and silicones.

Hologram-free mirror finish
Remove swirls and light oxidation
Restores and revives paint color

Polishing Compound (Non-Silicone) 3800ml

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