OnCam Dual Camera DVR 16GB

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Screen Size: 3.0" TFT LCD Display
Dual Camera: 5.0MP 170o Front & 120o Rear wide-angle lens
Resolution: Front: 1080P HD 1920x1080 @ 25fps
                   Rear: VGA 720x480 @ 25fps
Chipset: Generalplus 2248 + H42 Sensor 

Dual Camera: 5.0MP 170o Front & 120o Rear wide-angle lens, Rear lens can be used as reverse camera
Ultra-Wide Angle View: Captures what other DVR can't
Supports Loop Recording: Automatically cleans up old files
Auto On/Off and Recording: Just keep it plugged into 12V socket
Easy File Tracing: Keeps front and rear camera files in separate folders
Easy File Transfers: Just copy and paste, no proprietary software necessary
Night Vision: Includes IR sensors on both front and rear cameras
Standard USB Socket: Can be used with other USB Chargers

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