PIAA Hyper Arros Style Edition 6000K LED Bulb H8/H9/H11/H16

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PIAA Hyper Arros Style Edition 6000K LED

Color: Bright White
Candela: 46,000cd
Lumens: 4000
Volts: 12V
Watts: 20W

High Intensity LED Bulbs for head/Fog Car Light
3 years warranty
Dust, Water, and Vibration resistant.

Reproduction of genuine halogen light spread
Radio Noise: CISPR25 Class5 (CISPR Class 5 is Original Car Maker standard
10G vibration /JIS S2 Dust & Waterproof
12V 20/20W 4000/3200lm /58000/58000cd
Heat dissipation plastic
Cooling Fan to ensure OE standard heat endurance
Anti-Flash pulse control unit install

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