Recaro Monza Nova IS Seatfix Prime Mat Black

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The Recaro Monza Nova IS Seatfix offers your sunshine from about 9 months and up perfect protection and the best comfort. This group II/III child safety seat grows with your little one and covers the entire child car seat period that follows the use of an infant car seat.

Key features at a glance:

Age recommendation: from approx. 9 months to 12 years / body weight 9 to 36 kg
Standard: ECE R44 / 044
Fastening method: with Isofix or the vehicle's own 3-point belt
Securing the child: with impact shield and car’s own seat belt in group 1 mode and only with car’s own belt in group 2/3 mode
Installation: forward-facing mode
Safety: ergonomic impact shield for maximum safety, Seatfix connectors, Recaro ASP (Advanced Side Protection), additional crash pads for excellent side impact protection
Comfort: soft seat foam, air circulation system, reinforced armrests, 11-way height-adjustable headrest, tilt-adjustable headrest, breathable cover fabrics - hard-wearing and washable
Top feature: built-in Recaro sound system, including MP3 player connection
Crash test: ADAC and Stiftung Warentest: test grade "GOOD" (2.0)
Dimensions: W 56 / D 45 - 54 / H 67 - 86 cm
Weight: 7,7 kg
Versatile child car seat with impact shield
For small children in group 1 (9-18 kg), the car seat with the impact shield is used and installed by using the vehicle belt. The impact shield surrounds your child, and distributes and absorbs the impact energy over its entire surface in the event of a possible accident – comparable to the function of an airbag. This protects the sensitive neck, head and chest area of ​​your child. Taller children from group 2/3 (15 - 36 kg) are buckled up with the vehicle's seat belt. The Monza Nova IS is a reliable companion for your child after the baby car seat. It offers maximum comfort and a safe journey on every ride.

Isofix connectors – for even more safety
For even more safety, the child car seat is equipped with Isofix connectors. These are simply connected to the Isofix anchor points on your vehicle. This creates a rigid connection between the child car seat and the vehicle, which makes the journey even safer for your child. If the car is not equipped with Isofix, the connectors can simply be retracted and the car seat is being installed by using the vehicle's own 3-point belt.

Child seat that grows with your child up to 12 years
A child car seat for the entire childhood? The 11-way height-adjustable headrest makes it possible. This way, the child car seat can be adjusted exactly to the size of your child and grows automatically with them from 9 months up to 12 years. The headrest can be adjusted in depth for a nap in between. This prevents the head from tilting forward. The built-in pillow in the head section contributes to well-being and safety on every journey. Your little passenger benefits from significantly more comfort, especially when sleeping. The pillow can be easily adjusted and individually adapted to your child.

Recaro ASP (Advanced Side Protection) - the optimal side impact protection
No matter if you’re on the way to soccer training or on the big vacation, the built-in protectors offer maximum protection on every journey. In the event of a side impact, they absorb the forces that would act on your child in a possible accident. This way, you as parents car feel reassured that their kids are always safe when being with them in the car.

Unique Recaro sound system
Lean back, relax and listen to an exciting children's radio play or your favourite music. Speakers in the headrest, an audio connection and a bag for the electric device make sure that even the smallest passengers can enjoy the finest entertainment.

High seating comfort on every car journey
Thanks to the moulded foam and the breathable fabrics, your child is provided with the best possible seating comfort and optimal air circulation.

The protective child seat with impact shield is available in two fabric designs. The “Select” range is characterised by robust fabrics and bright colours. The fabrics of the “Prime” range impress with their soft, pleasant feel and a luxurious look.

Crash test - ADAC and Stiftung Warentest
Good to know that the versatile Monza Nova IS was rated "GOOD" and got a 2.0 by Stiftung Warentest and ADAC.

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