Roadshine RS907, RS928, 165/70 R13

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Roadshine RS907, RS928, 165/70 R13


Outside strong blocks design enables the tire to follow the road's surface more closely,
helps to reduce block deformation while speed cornering, and enhances steering precision &better grip. Inside wide rib, grooves ensure effective water dispersion.

Sequential block design improves tread rib hardness, enhances braking performance. Wide rib grooves effectively remove water, provides shorter braking distances and safer handling on wet roads.

Racing compound technology provides superior grip performance on wet road surfaces.


The new formula reduces 30%-40% of rolling resistance, decreases fuel consumption and CO2 emission load.

Wide tread design increase the road contact area, maintains a safe ride, and enhances wear-resisting performance.

High ratio straight main sipes design effectively reduces rolling resistance and noise, perfectly combines environmental protection with comfort. Pitching sequence shoulder block design shows outstanding control at high speed. Perfect distribution of lug type pattern with thin sipes in the tread enhances traction on wet roads.

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