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ROTA MXR-F is a mesh design that brings back the stylish yet euro VIP feel to suit all vehicle types. The polish lip accentuates the mesh spokes and definately stands out with different color centres.

A newly design wheel that has sophistication and at the same time dish that gives aggressiveness. The MX-R can be used on all sort of vehicles from street driven classy vehicles or racers that want something completely difference.


SIZE & OFFSET          PCD/BOLT              COLOUR

18x8.5 +44              5x100/5x114.3       White/Polished Lip
18x8.5 +44              5x100/5x114.3       Hyper Black/ Polished Lip
18x8.5 +44              5x100/5x114.3       Gloss Black/Polished Lip
18x8.5 +44              5x100/5x114.3       Matt Black
18x8.5 +44              5x100/5x112          White/Polished Lip
18x8.5 +44              5x100/5x112          Gold/Polished Lip
18x8.5 +44              5x100/5x112           Hyper Black / Polished Lip
18x8.5 +44              5x100/5x112           Matt Black
18x8.5 +42              5x100/5x108           Hyper Black
18x8.5 +42              5x100/5x108           White / Polished Lip
18x8.5 +42              5 x100/5x108           Plain Gold / Polished Lip

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